Exploring The Human Ingredient
Behind Food Culture

Founded in 2007, Acquired Taste began as a passion project, aiming to give people an original and authentic glimpse into the kitchens of Toronto. Today, the publication has grown globally and offers a print exploration into what we believe is the single most important ingredient behind food culture – the human ingredient.

Acquired Taste offers a unique point of view by telling stories of: chefs, farmers, artisans, restaurateurs, designers, architects, artists and photographers. These people are integral parts in how we consume, learn and experience food. Beyond taste – their ideas, hard work, theories, and art are what indulge our knowledge and passion for food. Our aim is to introduce, familiarize and inspire you to share a different, more holistic view of food culture through their experiences.


Editor in chief / Creative Director

Chuck Ortiz 

Art Director

Greg Washington 

Copy Editors

Heather Catuiza

Business Development

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