The Foodnited States of America


Chris Durso, the creator of Foodiggity, has created a US-focused food design project with his eight-year-old son.

The boy, who was the brains behind the idea, thought that it would be hilarious to make the States out of food, but with funny names to match.

From Kaleifornia to Pork Lo Maine, to Swissconsin and Rocky Rhode Island, the Instagram-based collection can be found under the hashtag #foodnitedstates. Everybody loves seeing their hometown represented, and Durso has shaped food items to an aesthetically pleasing design. At its core, it’s simple shapes against coloured backgrounds – but if you look closer, much attention has been paid to the food itself. It’s not a cartoon, but real, wholesome produce. The best one may be Quinoashington, because who doesn’t love looking at those cute little quinoa grains close up?

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Source : Design Taxi

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